Tips on Loading a truck

Essential Tips for loading a moving truck

When you’re choosing a Vancouver mover, ask them how they typically load a moving truck. It sounds like a simple enough question, but it’s also one that could save you from choosing a poor mover.

For example, if you ask this and the response is we put the furniture in and then drive, then you are speaking to a company that simply wants to move your “stuff” and will treat it as such. If you get a response like first we blanket wrap all of your furniture in the home before it moves an inch, and we load the larger items first followed by the smaller items on top using professionally trained staff, then you are talking to a professional moving company.

At Ferguson Moving & Storage, we guarantee our services and moving rates in writing. After 9 decades of service in Vancouver, you should know, we haven’t been vancouvers best moving company by doing a poor job and taking advantage of people.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your move, call Ferguson Moving and Storage and we’ll make it right. GUARANTEED!

Kind regards,

Lorne MacInnes
Vice President