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We lift your expectations!

Ferguson Moving & Storage

We lift your expectations!

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Portable Storage

Are you considering storing your household goods?

  • You immediately worry about the fact that you are going to be loading your goods onto a truck, unloading and then going through the whole procedure again on removal from storage.
  • That’s like two complete moves!

Instead, we bring our container truck right to your residence.

  • We load the containers right there then off-load them into our heated warehouse facility.
  • When the time comes, we load containers onto our truck and deliver them to your new residence.
  • It’s really quite simply the best option for your moving and storage needs.
  • Ferguson Moving & Storage has been moving families throughout Vancouver and Canada for 94 years.
  • We have the years of experience behind us that generate the most efficient and cost effective moving and storage methods available.
  • Our moving and storage containers are 512 cubic feet.
  • Most competitors containers are only 252 cubic feet.
  • That’s almost half the size.
  • Sofa’s and other larger items will not fit into the competitions containers.
  • So now you’re stuck and have to put your large sofa into a moving truck.
  • Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of portable services you really wanted in the first place?
  • The competition also in most cases does not provide blankets for your furniture to guard against nicks and scratches.
  • Not only does Ferguson provide the blankets, we provide furniture blanket protection at additional cost.

Now lets talk access to your furniture.

  • How much does it cost to get to the passports you need to get out of storage because you accidenlty packed them?
  • Well with most companies, you’ll pay a fee to collect those items.
  • With Ferguson’s you wont pay a penny to access your storage.
  • In fact, the only time we will charge is if you need us to supply movers to assist with access.

With Ferguson you’ll save time which means you’ll save money by only moving once.

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WORDS OF WISDOM: Please ensure that you have complete insurance coverage while your goods are in storage, either through your home owner policy or our
insurance which includes fire, flood & earthquake.
  • Storage Container Access Times:
  • Monday to Friday 10AM~3:00PM
  • Saturday 9:00AM~11:00AM