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Packing Materials

When you’re moving, you will need to get packing materials. In Vancouver when people are moving, they usually contact a moving and storage company. At Ferguson Moving and Storage, we can help you choose which boxes you require, as well as how many you will need. Moving Boxes are one of those things that you wont really want to pay for if you don’t use them.

At Ferguson’s moving and storage, the reason we are so highly respected in the moving box industry is because we will buy back the boxes that you have not used. Additionally, if you do not want to keep the boxes after your move, you can bring them back in for a 30% refund.

Also, if you’re packing your moving boxes, you may want to take advantage of our free packing course that we offer. Come to our warehouse and our trained packers will teach you how to pack like a pro in 30 minutes.

We have also teamed up with FROGBOX. This company offers the eco friendly moving boxes. They will deliver the boxes to your home and arrange a convenient pick up time after you have finished with the boxes.

Just another reason that year after year, customer prefer Ferguson Moving and Storage.