Free Printable Check List for Moving

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Free Printable To Do List For Moving


When you’re moving, it seems like there’s so much to do. That’s because there is!


Here’s a helpful free guide we’ve created to assist you with getting your checklist done.

This calendar applies to every kind of move. Click the link below, print the documents and add them to your moving documents.


8 Weeks Out
  • Read and familiarize yourself with the entire checklist & resources provided.
  • Create a ‘move’ file to store receipts, records, checklists & documents. Keep it handy! Arrange for utilities at your new home and set-up cancellation of accounts at your current home for the day after moving day.See Remember to Notify checklist for a more utilities that you may need to set-up and/or cancel.

Shaw Cable: 604-629-8888

Rogers Cable: 1-888-ROGERS1

Telus: Outside BC 1-888-811-2323/ Local 604-310-2255

BC Hydro: 1-800-224-9376

Terasen Gas: 1-800-224-2710

7 Weeks Out
  • If you have school-aged children, arrange for transfer of school records.
  • Pick up change-of-address moving cards from the post office or online. Set-up mail forwarding if required.
  • Long Distance Moves: If necessary, make airline reservations. If travelling by car, make reservations for lodging.
6 Weeks Out
  • Notify physician(s) and dentists of your move. Request copies or transfer of medical information & prescriptions. Ask if they have a referral network in your new community.
  • Contact your veterinarian for pet‘s medical records and inquire about pet vaccination requirements for your new location.
  • Take an objective look at your household items and personal belongings. Determine items to be moved, sold at yard sale and/or donated to charity.
5 Weeks Out
  • Purchase coloured markers and/or labels so that you can mark cartons and easily identify contents of cartons.
  • Obtain ample cartons & packing materials before you start packing so that you don’t have delays caused by running out of supplies.
  • Start packing! See Packing Tips From The Experts. Remember to label or color-code your cartons so you can direct the movers and unpack with ease. Plan on carrying irreplaceable & hard-to-replace items with you
4 Weeks Out
  • Plan the placement of furniture in your new home. Make a floor plan and create signs to be taped on room doors (e.g. Bedroom No. 1) so that furniture and cartons will be placed in the correct rooms on moving day.
  • Have a yard sale.
  • If you are moving to or from a high-rise building, reserve the elevator for moving day(s).
3 Weeks Out
  • Be sure you have returned all rented videos and library books.
  • Check dry cleaners, storage facilities and repair shops for personal articles. Be sure to pack your Moving-Day Survival kit to make your first few days easier – see attached checklist.
2 Weeks Out
  • Service your vehicle for travelling.
  • Update email address, if necessary. Let your online friends and contacts know.
  • If you have children and/or pets, consider arranging for a babysitter for moving day.
  • If necessary, arrange for house cleaning after your move out.
1 Week Out
  • Back up your computer files before packing your system.
  • Close or transfer bank account(s) and clear out your safety deposit box. If needed, purchase traveler’s checks.
  • Drop off donated items to charities. Collect receipts for tax purposes.
  • Clean out refrigerator & freezer. Eat any remaining perishable foods.
  • Confirm your travel plans (flights, hotel, rental cars, etc.)
  • Arrange for street parking for the truck in front of your house or apartment (both pick-up and delivery address) Permits may be required.
  • Defrost your freezer. Pack any leftover food cartons. Remember, your mover cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of perishable and/or frozen foods!
Day Before

Charge cell phone for moving day

Moving Day
  • Confirm street parking for the truck in front of your house or apartment
  • Leave all furniture in it’s original place. Don’t move it into one room.
  • Once the Movers arrive, confirm your new address with them.
  • Walk the Movers through your home indicating special-care items of giving specific instructions.
  • Once the truck is packed and before it leaves, do one final walk-through to check all cupboards, behind doors, all storage areas and the garage. Ensure everything has been loaded and that those items NOT to be moved (anything you want to keep with you) are still on the premises.
  • Plan to be at the delivery address before the Movers arrive and start unloading. Bring your floor plan hang the labels you created for each room so the movers can start unloading the labeled boxes to the correct rooms right away.
Final Moving Day Check

Before you leave…

  • All meters read
  • Furnace turned down or off
  • Lights turned off
  • Windows/Doors shut & locked
  • Keys left as agreed with new occupants
  • Telephone & other utility services discontinued

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