Moving in the Vancouver Rain

Many times customers plan everything in their move and then it hits them. What if it’s raining on move day!? Well, don’t worry, if we didn’t find solutions for moving in the rain, we would be closed 9 months of the year! Essentially, when we’re doing a Vancouver move, your movers will take steps to protect both your furniture and property.

If it’s raining, we obviously can’t carry all of your furniture through it without getting it wet. Unless we protect your furniture. That’s right, your Ferguson Moving and Storage Team will blanket wrap all of your furniture in your home before it moves an inch.

Not only does this protect the furniture from getting wet, but it also protects your furniture from nicks and scratches while being carried down hallways, around corners and through tight doorways and elevators. There is no better protection in the industry.

But we don’t stop there. Your mattresses will also be protected. How? We put them into giant plastic mattress bags. This protects the mattress from getting wet and soiled and also keeps it dry from the rain.

Finally, we also protect your property. We lay floor runners which are made out of non slip neopreen and protects your floors from getting dirty. Also, we blanket wrap those precious bannisters from getting dinged and banged.

Ferguson Moving & Storage is your best choice for moving in the Vancouver rain…or sun =)

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