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Moving time is upon us. Today is the busiest moving day of the year in Vancouver BC. Especially since many homeowners wanted to get their movers before the HST kicks in on July 1st. It’s difficult for most moving companies to get through this peak period craziness. Long ago, Ferguson Moving & Storage invested in training for staff. Now we can hire hard workers and train them in the skills necessary to become movers.

Ferguson moving staff training pad wrapping furniture

Since we have been perfecting our training over the years, we are now able to maximize training into the shortest amount of time. This way we can accommodate all of the demands of month end moving without lowering our standards of care.

Most workers want to do a great job when they work. Without training, it’s hard for anyone to measure if they’ve met that goal.
Without training, everything is left to the interpretation of the worker to do things his or her way. At Ferguson Moving & Storage our movers not only hear and see when they learn. They also do.  Ferguson is the only moving and storage company in Vancouver with an in house training facility. With the amount of referrals and recommendations we get, the investment is worth it.

We guarantee you’ll have a great move!

Lorne MacInnes

Vice President
Ferguson Moving & Storage