Free Packing course for moving customers Ferguson Moving & Storage Vancouver BC

Packing Tips

If you’ve ever had to move, you’ve had to pack. One of the worst part for most people when moving is packing. However, a staggering 90% of customers choose to pack themselves.

The number 1 reason to self pack is to save money. The reason customers think they’ll save money is because they feel packing really won’t take that long.

I had a similar experience when I ordered a truck load of gravel one time for my house. The gravel company asked if I wanted to hire their bobcat operator to spread the gravel out for me.

To save money, and feeling like it wouldn’t take that long, I decided to do it myself. After about 3 hours of shoveling, I looked at the pile of gravel and it didn’t look any smaller than when I had started. I ended up ordering the bobcat service and the whole job was done in 20 minutes.

It’s really the same with packing. But as long as I live I will never convince 90% of the population who live to not pack themselves.  So the next best thing our company can do is to open up our training facility to our customers to show them how to pack. Even if they already know, this 30 minute course will show customers how to pack better and faster.

Many customers who have completed our course all of a sudden realize how much there is to do and schedule our packers to come in and get the job done.

Packing tips covered in the Free Ferguson Packing course include:

  • packing dishes
  • packing artwork
  • packing books
  • packing lampshades
  • packing pots and pans
  • packing glasses
  • packing hanging clothes
  • packing dresser drawers
  • packing shoes
  • packing anything else you may have questions about

If you’re interested in attending our complimentary course, contact your moving consultant for more details. If you have not been assigned a moving consultant yet, contact Patricia (inside sales coordinator) in our office for more details. 604-922-2212