Ferguson Moving & Storage Vancouver History

The longest lasting moving company in Vancouver

In 1913, Jimmy, Vic and Henry Ferguson left their home country to head west and find a new beginning. They traveled over a very large ocean and an even larger landmass. That piece of land was known as Canada.

At the end of their journey, the three natives of Ireland arrived in the small west coast city of Vancouver. For the three brothers this was to be their new home. So, with a dream and determination to succeed in the moving industry, Optimistic Transfer was born. With nothing more than a Ford flat deck truck with wood slats for sides and a canvas roof, they started their transfer business.

A fitting name…

The name “Optimistic” was chosen by the Ferguson brothers as Irish Orangemen, but in 1916, they changed the name to Ferguson’s Transfer.

The compay expanded its operation from the house at 19th and Duchess Avenue in West Vancouver to include two offices, one on Water Street in Vancouver and the other at the foot of Lonsdale Street in North Vancouver.

Growth and stability…

The business continued to operate through World War I, the Great Depression and World War II. In 1932, the Ferguson brothers took over the Orange Hall at 22nd and Marine Drive in West Vancouver and turned their new location into a furniture warehouse, bus stop, coal drop and general storage.

Even Friday and Saturday night dances were held on a regular basis! If you knew Vic Ferguson, you could always find a game of cards going on somewhere in that building. In 1935, Wilf Griffiths and Henry Funk joined the company and helped with the expanding business on the ever-growing North Shore.

In 1948, Jack Reano arrived on the scene with a keen commitment to offer a service that was very rarely seen in this industry. With time marching on, the Ferguson brothers decided that they’d had enough and Jack and Wilf took over the company in 1962.

I remember Jack (my dad) saying “Lets quit the old freight business and stay with just the moving  of household goods, “cause that’s what we do best.”


With new trucks and equipment, Ferguson’s was still on a roll. In 1973, Paul Reano joined the company as a junior man on the team. In 1980, Paul took over the company and later expanded its operations to include Vancouver Island, the rest of British Columbia and Alberta. In 1991,  Ferguson Moving & Storage moved its head office to a new location in North Vancouver, which offered a combination of a mini-storage building and a specialized container warehouse.

In 2001, Lorne MacInnes joined the company as Operations Manager, bringing 12 years of industry experience along with him. With Lorne & Paul working together in January 2004, Ferguson Moving & Storage expanded the size of its storage containers from 6,700 square feet to 20,000 square feet. At that same time, Lorne was made partner and Vice President.

With an eye on joining a larger network to service long distance and international orders, Ferguson Moving & Storage joined Great Canadian Van Lines. This membership allowed Ferguson Moving & Storage to be truly a complete local and long distance moving and storage company.

To this day and always we maintain the phrase, “Doing what we do best.”


Lorne MacInnes

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