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Professional Canadian Moving Company

Ferguson Moving & Storage is a Canadian owned and operated Professional moving company. Ferguson’s has been in operation for over 9 decades and serves as Vancouver’s oldest moving and storage company.

When you’re hiring a moving company, we know you have choices. That’s why we really appreciate our customers and our staff is always trying to give over the top service so that our clients will tell their friends about the Ferguson Service they received.

Our customers are contacted after every move to make sure they received a great move. This is also a great chance to intercept any problems so they can get resolved.

Sometimes after a move, there may have been an issue that our client wants to address. However, some folks just don’t like to call in and “complain”…At Ferguson, we want to know if there was any issue. That’s the only way we’ll continue to improve our systems and get better.

Our staff are trained to look at problems as opportunities to improve. Also, we want to make sure our customers are happy so fixing the situation will help us do just that.

When you choose Ferguson’s movers, you’re putting your trust in us that we’re going to do a great job and provide the best customer service. We not only promise great service, we Guarantee it!



Lorne MacInnes
Vice President
Ferguson Moving & Storage