North Vancouver Movers Share How to Move a Treadmill

As professional North Vancouver movers, we’re no strangers to moving exercise equipment. In 2008, we were even responsible for moving treadmills and bikes to the Olympic Oval. We were so proud of that moment, we put it in our gallery! Anyway, enough of our gloating. We thought we’d give you some tips on how to move a treadmill. Let’s dive in: Have the right equipment ready to move a treadmill Just like our articles on: How To Move A Lawn Mower How To Move A Granite, Concrete Or Heavy, Countertop How to Move an Oven Range How to Move a Bed Frame How To Move A Deep Freezer How to Move a Mattress How to move and store a washer and dryer How to move a Refrigerator You’re going to need the right equipment. (And yes, we have more ‘How to move a…’ articles on our blog, should you wish to search for them!). The good news is that when you move one of the above, you’ll likely have some of the equipment needed to move a treadmill. So there may be overlap here. Some main moving supplies you’ll need to move a treadmill are: Moving straps Moving blankets Gloves with grip Drill or screwdriver (if disassembly is needed). Sometimes an allen key works too. Moving dollies (find the right one by reading this) Plastic wrap (to hold together foldable treadmills) And, if you’re really wanting to protect your treadmill, an A-frame wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Know your type of treadmill before you plan to move it Different types of treadmills require different measures to move them....
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