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Moving in Vancouver? Keep these tips in mind when finding good schools for kids  

If you are thinking of moving in Vancouver, you probably have a checklist of what you want in your new home, and perhaps even your new neighbourhood. If you have children, one major item you should add to this checklist is proximity to schools. However, you don’t want to move close to just any school. Follow this quick guide to find a good school for your kids before your Vancouver move. Think about schools before you buy a new house in Vancouver When you are going house hunting in Vancouver, keep in mind the options for your children’s schools. If you want them to stay at their current school, will moving to this area mean driving more? Is it doable? Will you have to apply for cross boundary attendance with your school board? Otherwise, if you have another school in mind, find out what the catchment area is. There may be certain neighbourhoods you want to focus your house hunting in. Their age or grade may make a difference here too. If they are about to graduate high school, the commute to a cross-boundary school may be worth it, and you can decide to stop your school hunt altogether. They can graduate with all their friends, take classes with teachers they know, and continue getting guidance from their academic counsellors when applying for universities, scholarships or bursaries. Plus, older kids will know how to take the bus to get to school! So that’s less driving for caregivers! If they’re quite young, the story may be different. Losing friends will be hard, but they can make new ones too. There...

7 simple electrical safety tips you can check before your Vancouver move

7 simple electrical safety tips When you are moving into a new home, you will not only want to hire the best movers in Vancouver to ensure the safety of your belongings, but you will also want your new house to be in pristine condition. It is also best to be sure of the electrical safety of your home before you hire your Vancouver movers, as this will avoid troubles down the road. If you are buying a house, you will already have had a home inspection, and while a good home inspection will note all the electrical details, it never hurts to check. And if you are renting, you definitely want to inspect the safety of the house. Of course, it is always recommended to consult a professional electrician, but here are a few electrical safety tips that you can carry out yourself, as an initial check. 1. Check plugs that are within 5 feet of a sink or outdoors You know those outlets in bathrooms that have two little buttons on them to test and reset? Well, those are called Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI for short) and they don’t just belong in the bathroom. GFCI plugs should actually be used anywhere within 5 feet of a sink, as well as on every plug outdoors. These prevent you from getting shocked or electrocuted when the cord of your electric kettle is frayed or when you touch the tap while using a hairdryer. This is because they interrupt a circuit where electricity could go through you into the ground. Old houses in particular don’t always have these in kitchens, so...