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How to patch up grass lawn after moving

Surrey movers explain how to patch up a grass lawn after relocation and moving A beautiful green grass lawn is a thing worth boasting about. Even though grass itself is pretty resilient, maintaining a lawn is often a difficult endeavor. Especially when it’s trampled on after moving. This is more so in a rainy, wet climate like Metro Vancouver, where moving dolly wheels can easily leave tracks in a lawn on moving day. Luckily, there’s a way to patch up a grass lawn after moving in as little time as possible. 1. Buy only quality seeds to patch up grass lawns after moving in Surrey When reviving your lawn after moving in Surrey (or the Metro Vancouver area), buying quality seeds is the most important part of the whole process. Don’t bother using leftover seeds that you found in your shed, especially if you don’t know when they were bought. Old seeds are slow to germinate and, in fact, might not germinate at all. Quality seeds from good vendors guarantee that the grass will germinate and grow fast. Also, if you would like your grass lawn to be even more tear and wear resistant, you can buy special, heavy-duty grass. Ask around in your local garden store for heavy traffic golf grass, for example. Also, to minimize the damage connected with moving, ask moving professionals for help. Be aware that if you are hiring a professional Surrey moving company, they are more likely to be aware that they need to care for your lawn in the process of moving. But you can surely also try to make your helpful friends...

How to Move a Mattress Surrey

Surrey movers explain how to move a mattress The logistics of how to move furniture can be tough when they are large items. But what about large items that are hard to even grasp a hold of? Like mattresses for instance. If they don’t come with handle straps, or if you need to curve them around tight corners, you may struggle with them. And that’s just the beginning. Getting the mattress to your destination involves other logistics as well. Below our Surrey movers will explain how to move a mattress, which can vary depending on if you are moving in Metro Vancouver or if you are planning a long distance move. Step 1: prep the mattress before moving day Keeping the mattress clean before moving it The last thing you’ll want is to have a dirty mattress by the time it arrives at your new home. So before moving day, be sure you are ready for the movers topick it up. Movers may have moving blankets, and that might help. But those are usually used to protect hard furniture that can dent or damage walls. The better bet for a moving a mattress would be to wrap it in plastic, or some other protective material to prevent moisture creeping into it. You can, of course, create a makeshift plastic cover for a mattress using painter’s plastic sheets, tarps or shower curtains. Just add some tape or rope to keep it in-tact. Or, you could buy specially designed mattress covers for moving. For example, here is one we found online at Home Depot’s Canadian site: https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.queenking-mattress-bag.1000729677.html And here is a vinyl...