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Two Illegal things you just can’t do with storage containers or storage facilities

2 Illegal things you can’t do with storage containers or storage facilities, even in Vancouver Recently the CBC reported a guy who was evicted for living in a storage unit in Vancouver. While he certainly showed how creative and clever one could make use of a tiny space for cheap rent, nothing he did was legal. So, as Vancouver storage providers (with secured facility container storage), it got us thinking. What else is illegal to do with storage units? I mean, we see good-guy-bad-guy TV shows using storage units in plot lines all the time. Does that happen in real life? Below are some illegal things you can’t do with storage containers or storage facilities – whether in Vancouver or not! Keep in mind, there is a difference between storage lockers and storage containers! That is explained in this article. You can’t live in a storage unit; not in Vancouver, not anywhere Above we mentioned the guy who lived in a storage unit in Vancouver for about two months. That was not ok. But he says he only broke the rule of sleeping there at night. Afterall, he wasn’t showering there. And he paid for the power he used via a long extension cord. But…he was posing other problems, as presented in this article. Apparently, people trying to live in storage units is not uncommon or new. But it’s illegal because: Storage facilities are not zoned for residential use. Cities have bylaws for housing, in case you haven’t noticed. It’s not ok to have people living without sewage or running water. Those medieval days are far behind us in the Western world. Storage facilities...

More ways to repurpose storage containers from movers in Surrey

New ways to repurpose storage containers from movers in Surrey BC Previously we presented some tips from movers in in Surrey on repurposing storage containers. When you are moving in Surrey, you may find it useful to have a portable storage container for storage and renovation purposes. Once your storage container has served its purpose, it will provide you with an opportunity to get creative and transform your new backyard. Here are some ideas to get you started on this cool DIY project. From portable storage to garden gazebo: create your own personal paradise! If you have a garden in your new backyard, you could also transform your storage container into a beautiful deck or gazebo to complement your outdoor space. Once movers in Surrey help you complete your move and you are done with your extra storage, you can start the transformation process. Search the web for inspiration, create your plans, and get building! If you are planning on bringing your garden with you when you move in Surrey, check out these tips: http://www.fergusonmoving.com//blog/movers-north-vancouver-give-ideas-preparing-moving-garden-plants/ Storage companies in Surrey will love your storage container workshop If you are done storing furniture, supplies, and other belongings after your Surrey movers are long gone, turn a storage container into a new storage facility with a specific purpose! This can be a great place to store your tools or projects, and can even give you a space to work on DIY projects if you design it that way. See our related article on how to move a shed: http://www.fergusonmoving.com//blog/how-to-move-a-shed-surrey-movers/ Plus, how to handle tools and heavy equipment when moving: http://www.fergusonmoving.com//blog/how-to-move-tools-heavy-equipment-when-moving-in-vancouver/ After your...