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Movers in North Vancouver give ideas for preparing and moving garden plants

When thinking of relocation and moving to or from North Vancouver, it may be difficult to leave behind a beautiful home you have put a lot of time and effort into. If you have a green thumb, you will probably wish you could bring your whole garden with you! Unfortunately, there aren’t any North Vancouver moving companies that will be able to pick up your yard and move it with all your other things, like they could with a shed or heavy tools. However, we do have some tips to help you move your favourite plants to begin a beautiful garden in your new home. Prep your plants for their move in North Vancouver or elsewhere! No matter what size your plants are, or what type of container they are in, make sure you water them before they are moved. This will keep the soil moist and the roots happy, which will help to reduce the shock of moving. If you are moving smaller plant pots, it is also best to transport them in your own vehicle instead of the moving truck. However, if you have larger plants, have your North Vancouver movers put them in the moving truck last so that they can be unloaded first. In another article on our moving blog, we mentioned putting the heavy items in the moving truck first. Although the plants will be heavy, they will also be messy, and need a lot of immediate care to ensure they don’t get damaged. So use your judgement when deciding where to place them in the moving truck. And, while we’ve also mentioned putting your...

Dollar store hacks for your next home move

What to buy before moving, the dollar store edition Moving is stressful, we’ve said it a million times. But you know what’s more stressful? Forking out the money to pay for moving supplies. It adds up! So being able to save in any way can really help. And who doesn’t love a good bargain any day, right? Our previous post had 5 things to buy before moving. But, here we thought we’d give you some ideas of dollar store hacks for your next home move. 1. Shelf liners to spruce up an old home before you unpack A lot of people call these contact paper. They are also referred to as PVC paper, and they can be made of vinyl, flexible plastic or a rubber-like material. Some of them stick and can be removed easily (though you should always test a patch first). Nonetheless they can be used for a variety of things to spice up your new home and make it livable or ‘like new’ again. For example: Lining shelves and drawers (duh!) Covering walls or built in millwork shelving (yes, people use these as a wallpaper substitute – but make sure it’s removable or test a little before you go all out! Especially if you’re renting!) Making windows frosty (get the frosty kind, Con-Tact brand has these varieties) Covering holes and gaps on utility shelves (some shelf panels are not solid, so plastic sheets can help prevent things falling through the cracks) Plus, if you like being a little crafty and Pinterest-ey, you can look up the way some clever folks are using marble contact paper to create a high-end...