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Considerations When Doing A Commercial Move For A Coffee Shop Or Cafe In Vancouver

When you run a commercial retail food establishment, moving is not as simple as when you move house. And it’s also quite different than moving an office or other type of business. Before making the decision to move – if you have the choice – you’ll want to realize how many parts of your business can be affected. Your list of things to do will be vast – probably more work than when you set up your business to begin with. In this article, we’ll go into some considerations when doing a commercial move for a coffee shop or cafe in Vancouver.   Licensing your coffee shop or cafe when you move to a new municipality   If you move your coffee shop or cafe to a new city or municipality, your licensing fees and terms may change. Different cities in Metro Vancouver will have different rules for businesses. Be sure that you have the appropriate license to operate, before you open at your new location.   Marketing material updates when you move a business   As we discussed in our article on preserving SEO when you move a business, your address updates will be important. This is not something you want to leave on the back burner. You’ll want to change your address on all your marketing material, and all website mentions. In today’s age of Yelp searches for local eats, you can’t afford not to do this for a coffee shop or cafe business that is moving.   To avoid confusion, also update your print material (such as business cards) or any paraphernalia.   You may also...

Moving an office in the digital age

Moving High Tech Offices The digital age is changing the way we do a lot of things. For example, the music and publishing businesses have had to adjust the way they operate. People don’t seem to be inclined to go to a physical store and buy a CD or a book anymore. Instead, they download songs or e-books. The moving business is also rethinking the way it does business. Moving an office in the digital age is a totally different from moving in the 1990s and before. Nowadays, most offices are heavily reliant on computers and have much less paper. That translates into moving more delicate, expensive equipment and less heavy filing cabinets. We’ll talk about these differences in detail throughout this article. And it’s a good time to do so because many office spaces will probably be opening up soon in the Metro Vancouver area. Moving an office in the digital age requires movers to handle delicate electronics Back in the day — the 1990s! — moving an office often meant transporting many bulky filing cabinets and documents. Movers had to be trained to handle and store paper documents. For example, an obvious no-no that all movers would probably have drilled into their head is to avoid putting paper files in damp, wet places. Imagine the horror of discovering ink dripping right off all the documents after moving offices! Moving an office in the digital age requires us movers to adapt the way we move office equipment. Instead of filing cabinets, moving computers and other electronic equipment has become the new norm. That means movers have to become...