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Dealing with tools & heavy equipment when moving in Vancouver

Moving tools and heavy equipment in Vancouver Your garage, shed, or shop might be a place that you’d write off as being easy to move. It might already act like a ‘storage space’ with things in tote bins or packed away in boxes. However, it is important to consider a strategy for moving any motorized equipment, or tools that are sharp, heavy, and oddly shaped. If your moving day is a rainy one (Vancouver, remember?), you’ll of course want to take extra care since metals are prone to rusting. Whether you’ve got a single table saw or a cabinet of tools to move, here are some tips to deal with your tools and heavy equipment in a move. Gather the necessary resources to move heavy equipment safely We’ve already mentioned the tools and equipment required to move a shed, so it’s no surprise that you may need additional equipment to move your tools. Depending on your situation, you may have to move an anvil, a steel workbench, a jointer, etc– these things are extremely heavy! (Almost as heavy as moving a piano!) In some cases, your local moving company likely has the resources to move heavy equipment. Things like jacks, a dolly, and wide canvas straps are commonly needed to transport heavy objects– so don’t be shy to ask your Vancouver moving company for help! Otherwise, listings on Vancouver Craigslist or Kijiji might have the above, as well as carts, ropes, large bins, etc. Identify potential hazards with your local movers Some equipment might have its own precautions that you should make your moving team aware of. For example, safety covers...

Moving an office in the digital age

Moving High Tech Offices The digital age is changing the way we do a lot of things. For example, the music and publishing businesses have had to adjust the way they operate. People don’t seem to be inclined to go to a physical store and buy a CD or a book anymore. Instead, they download songs or e-books. The moving business is also rethinking the way it does business. Moving an office in the digital age is a totally different from moving in the 1990s and before. Nowadays, most offices are heavily reliant on computers and have much less paper. That translates into moving more delicate, expensive equipment and less heavy filing cabinets. We’ll talk about these differences in detail throughout this article. And it’s a good time to do so because many office spaces will probably be opening up soon in the Metro Vancouver area. Moving an office in the digital age requires movers to handle delicate electronics Back in the day — the 1990s! — moving an office often meant transporting many bulky filing cabinets and documents. Movers had to be trained to handle and store paper documents. For example, an obvious no-no that all movers would probably have drilled into their head is to avoid putting paper files in damp, wet places. Imagine the horror of discovering ink dripping right off all the documents after moving offices! Moving an office in the digital age requires us movers to adapt the way we move office equipment. Instead of filing cabinets, moving computers and other electronic equipment has become the new norm. That means movers have to become...