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What to know if you want to do an international move to Canada

Moving to Canada, eh? A few months ago the internet was all the rage about Americans searching on the topic of how to move to Canada if Trump wins the U.S. election. But according to Justin Trudeau, the idea is not new. And, according to one comedian, the viable options of places to move in Canada are probably limited for most Americans, who either don’t like the cold, or can’t speak French. Check out that video here for a good laugh. And let’s not forget, with Brexit in the mix, the Brits also seem to want to move to Canada. But this article is not about moving internationally to Canada only if you’re not happy with your politicians (in a relatively peaceful country, we mean!). People move to Canada for a variety of reasons. And as a moving company in Canada – one that has helped international movers in the past – we thought we’d give a bit of advice on the topic. It can be quite logistical! We also wrote about some practical tips to help make the move emotionally easier: Tips for moving a household far away from ‘home’: International Moving and Long Distance Tips While we will give some more logistical advice and tips here, be sure to also consult a legal professional on the topic if you are planning an immigration as a non-Canadian. And, before you start your move, get some good quotes and advice from international movers before you start shipping your belongings overseas. They’ll know how to help for your specific case. Consider legalities of immigration before you call international movers in Canada According...

How to find home services online after a long distance move

Recommended home services websites for Metro Vancouver Formerly, for long distance movers, finding home services after you moved into a house meant asking your new neighbours if they knew a good handyman or cleaner. Or perhaps looking at the yellow pages. But the digital age has drastically changed how we shop for just about everything. This includes home services. This ranges from getting plumbing, heating or renovation services to housecleaning. In this article we’ll discuss great places you can find home services online in the Metro Vancouver area. Before we start, keep in mind learning to find home services online isn’t just valuable after your move. It can be wise to hire a knowledgeable plumber or electrician to inspect a house before you decide to move into your new home. Even hiring an interior designer or decorator to plan your move ahead of time can be a good idea, which we covered in this blog. Several places to find home services online Angie’s List — Requires you to sign up for a membership, but offers a good vetting system that helps weed out potentially bad home service providers. The site guarantees real reviews from real reviewers — not companies or other third parties pretending to be customers. Members also have access to a complaint resolution team if a deal goes badly, although the website does not state exactly what the team will do to solve the issue. Handy.com — Instead of displaying a slew of independent businesses, this website takes your order and then sends a verified professional handyman or cleaner to your house. Simply select the type of job you need...