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Richmond movers explore Richmond housing options

Richmond housing options In a former article, we wrote about our Surrey movers looking at Langley housing options. In this article, our Richmond movers will take a look at Richmond housing options. If you are thinking of moving, and are looking for a city to move to that will match your budget and lifestyle preferences, read on to learn more about the considerations of moving to Richmond. Richmond movers explain what it’s like to move to Richmond First of all, we’ll give you a bit of a background on moving to Richmond and what it’s like to live there. Pros of living in Richmond We wrote more extensively about this topic here: Moving to Richmond? 5 Reasons for a Richmond Move A few points to keep in mind about the pros of moving to Richmond are: It’s really close to the Vancouver International Airport. This not only provides easy access to frequent travellers, but also makes for great parks near the airport for leisurely activities, aviation business opportunities, and more. It has easy access to public transportation options (if you commute to work in a larger city like Vancouver). It hosts the Olympic Oval, if you’re into ice skating and sports. It is bustling as a community with Asian flare, including Asian shopping malls and several Asian food joints. Not to mention, the Richmond Night Market. It’s quaint town of Steveston has a lot of history and, among other things, is the filming location for a popular TV show, Once Upon A Time (if that excites you or brings tourism business ideas to mind). There are multiple communities to choose from if...

Cool Pinterest hacks for moving in Richmond BC

Cool Pinterest hacks found by Richmond movers We formerly wrote about reasons you’d want to move to Richmond, B.C. But, amidst the busyness of a planning a move in Richmond or Metro Vancouver, anything that makes your life a little easier is definitely in your best interest. Pinterest is the hub of all things DIY on the internet, and can give you endless tips and tricks to simplify your Richmond move. All you have to do is know how to find them! Our Richmond movers found some cool ways to do just that. How to find moving hacks on Pinterest Before you start searching for your local moving and packing tips, it is a good idea to make an account on Pinterest. This way, you will be able to ‘pin’ your favourite ideas to reference later. Once you make an account, it’s time to start looking for ideas! Try searching Pinterest.com for hacks made from specific materials you have lying around your house. For example, after a move, storage boxes or moving pallets can easily be repurposed and made into something great. If you click on a picture you find on Pinterest, you can then select ‘open article’ below it for more details. Once you find some moving hacks that interest you, pin them to yourPinterest board. On your board, you will be able to see pictures of all your favourite moving hacks and moving DIY projects! Here are some of our Richmond movers’ favourite hacks!  Pack heavy items like books in suitcases. The wheels on the suitcases will allow them to serve as a simple form of portable storage, and...