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Two more ways to customize your home in a rental-friendly way

How to customize your rental home (part 2) Last week we gave 3 great ideas for customizing a home when you’ve moved into a rental. Sometimes a rental is a great financial decision. But it leaves out the fun of customizing the parts of your home that many like to feel more ‘permanent.’ It’s also not always worth your money to put investment into a home that’s not technically yours. But, you can still personalize your rental home with these great, affordable ideas! Here are more tips for projects to take on when you’ve moved into a rental in Vancouver. More rental friendly decor ideas 4) Fake, removable wood and brick walls You know that look in some home design magazines, where they show you a super cool lofty apartment that has exposed brick? Or these amazing wood walls that look like a country cabin? And you think ‘where do people FIND these homes to move into?’ Well, you can fake that when you move into a rental. And there are a few ways to do it. Best of all, they are all temporary solutions. So, when you move out of a rental, you can easily take them down and the landlord won’t be upset! Printed paper with moulding-made borders This one is simple, and if you use 3M Command strips (without hooks of course), you can probably do this without holes too. Here is how one person did it. If you use finishing nails on the wood strip borders you’ll have tinier holes to patch on moving day, and they won’t look as obvious. Faux texture with wall panels You can buy...

3 ways to customize your home in a rental-friendly way

Moving into a rental in Vancouver? Here are 3 ways to customize your home in a rental-friendly way (part 1) Moving into a rental is sometimes great for budgeting, and some may argue that it’s certainly a viable option for long term financial planning too. Here is one video by the Khan academy that challenges the notion it’s always better to buy a home. And here is another video comparing the two options. Ok, but for whatever reason, you’ve decided to move into a rental in Vancouver. Or another city. You know what the investment people DON’T usually talk about? Decor and customization! With your own home you can rip out walls, floors, and do whatever you want. But with rentals, your home-sweet-home has to stay rental-ready for the next people moving in. But not to fear – we’re going to give you some clever ideas for creating a customized look in a rental after you’ve moved in. Rental friendly decor ideas 1) use wood planks to make things interesting Planks of wood used cleverly can create a ‘rustic’ feeling in a home. Especially when the wood is distressed, though it doesn’t have to be. And if you repurpose old doors to do this, it can look even cooler. The great thing about using these large pieces of wood is that they not only make statement pieces for a room, they can also be a way for you to add wall hanging material to a wall, without touching the wall itself. For example, attach a wall lamp or sconce to the old wood. This way you not only won’t have...