Vancouver movers publish blog of Canadian online stores with free shipping options

As a company of Vancouver movers, the team at Ferguson understands that when you do a long distance move to a remote location, you’re probably adapting to a new lifestyle. If you lived in a big city before your move, shopping was likely easy; most shopping centres would have what you need. But in small towns, that’s not always the case – even if Walmart is common nowadays. While yes, you could find some small boutique stores with their own charm, sometimes you really need items that are harder to find in those remote locations. But who wants to pay for shipping? So, in this article, we’ll help you with your long distance move by listing Canadian online stores with free shipping options, other than (which won’t always have everything!) Buying furniture online after a long distance move Furniture stores in Canada that allow you to shop online and ship for free include: – this is where you can find home decor, as well as furniture. Currently if you spend more than $75 you can get free shipping. – offers free shipping over $45 if you have their credit card. If not, it’s over $99. But with furniture, you’re likely to go over that anyway. Of course, this is a department store with lots of other things to buy, that will apply to other categories on our list here! – offers free shipping over $75, with a max to $20 of shipping cost. The item also can’t be “oversized,” which they define on their website. – yes, they have a furniture section in their...

Vancouver Store Movers Give Tips On How To Move A Clothing Retail Shop

Moving any retail space is quite a different job than when moving a home. With a clothing store, there is also more to consider than just moving the clothing (and even that is going to be different than the advice we give to homeowners). Vancouver store movers know that there will be operational equipment, furnishings and fixtures that need to be disassembled with the right tools, or handled with care.   And, retail supplies are not like ordinary furniture. If retail store movers don’t do their job correctly, any broken or missing pieces of a store can affect revenue at worst, and result in a mismanaged, frustrating store to shop in, at best. But, sometimes moving to a new commercial retail space is necessary – either to downsize your costs, or grow the traffic needed in your store.   With that in mind, we’ll give you some tips on how to move a clothing retail shop. Even if you plan on hiring professional store movers to do the job for you, it’s good to be equipped with the knowledge you’ll need to know if they’re doing a good job. Thoroughly discuss moving rates, ask questions and plan for the unpredictable level of inventory to move   When you get an in-person estimate to move a clothing retail store, one question that will come up is: how much inventory are we moving? Let’s say your store is moving in two months. You’ll be getting deliveries or supplies in that time, to keep the store stocked. Or will you? What if you aim for liquidation, but don’t know how much you’ll...

North Vancouver Movers On How To Move A Treadmill

As professional North Vancouver movers, we’re no strangers to moving exercise equipment. In 2008, we were even responsible for moving treadmills and bikes to the Olympic Oval. We were so proud of that moment, we put it in our gallery!   Anyway, enough of our gloating. We thought we’d give you some tips on how to move a treadmill. Let’s dive in: Have the right equipment ready to move a treadmill   Just like our articles on:   How To Move A Lawn Mower How To Move A Granite, Concrete Or Heavy, Countertop How to Move an Oven Range How to Move a Bed Frame How To Move A Deep Freezer How to Move a Mattress How to move and store a washer and dryer How to move a Refrigerator   You’re going to need the right equipment. (And yes, we have more ‘How to move a…’ articles on our blog, should you wish to search for them!).   The good news is that when you move one of the above, you’ll likely have some of the equipment needed to move a treadmill. So there may be overlap here.   Some main moving supplies you’ll need to move a treadmill are:   Moving straps Moving blankets Gloves with grip Drill or screwdriver (if disassembly is needed). Sometimes an allen key works too. Moving dollies (find the right one by reading this) Plastic wrap (to hold together foldable treadmills)   And, if you’re really wanting to protect your treadmill, an A-frame wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Know your type of treadmill before you plan to move it   Different...

How To Utilize Municipal Junk Removal Services In Metro Vancouver If You’re Moving

When you’re moving, you’re probably also purging. There may be junk you need to get rid of. You could pay a junk removal company to come and take it all away – and that may be your best bet for various types of junk and a big load.   But did you know that many Metro Vancouver cities offer free pick up or junk clear out? They are limited though, so don’t think you’ve hit the jackpot! There is a reason junk removal companies in Vancouver are so abundant.   In this article, we’ll let you know a few ways you can have your junk removed by city services, which you may already pay taxes for. Corporation of Delta yearly spring clean up   If you are moving within or out of Delta, and if moving day is in the spring, you could plan to get rid of a lot of your junk for free. While there are limits to what the corporation will take, you can use this opportunity to throw out broken furniture, useless toys, old couches, BBQs and stuff that can be bundled up, as long as it doesn’t violate the ‘not accepted’ terms. Mattresses are not accepted – keep that in mind!   See more info below: Burnaby large item and appliance pick up program   If you are a Burnaby resident, you can ask the city to come to your curb to pick up the ‘big things’ that you need to throw away. Mattresses are eligible, unlike Delta’s spring clean up rules. But, they do require you call them beforehand to make...

Coquitlam Movers Explain: Types Of Moving Dollies

When you’re moving your entire house, you have a lot of ‘big’ things to worry about. Packing, padding, selling, purging…it’s a lot of work! But logistically, when it comes time to move the big things (and not just the boxes), you’ll find that they can be a lot of work. Having the right tools can make all the difference. And that includes dollies.   But, different dollies do different things (for better or worse!). In this article, we’ll explain what the different types of dollies are, so you can get an idea of which ones you’ll need, depending on what you’re moving. Upright, hand-truck 2-wheel dollies   These can be as simple as a metal rack with a small base and wheels. It’s up to you to tie things to it that may fall over during transport.   When you get into fancier models, they can also lay down flat and turn into a wagon-style dolly. So that would give them 4 wheels, but they don’t always have to stand on all fours.   And then, the features can include different types of wheels for different strengths you’ll need, plus foldability and so on.   Here are some examples:   Hand trucks can also be ‘stair climbing’ and technically have 3 wheels on each of two sides. See here for an example:   Platform, 4-wheel dollies with handle bars or without   These dollies have 4 wheels and are meant to be used for bigger objects that need more of a base underneath them.   Sometimes, there is a handlebar, and that handlebar can fold...

Burnaby Movers On What To Know When Moving Furniture On Top Of Your Car

When you’re trying to fit your furniture in your car to do a DIY move, and they just won’t fit (even with the seats folded down), you may be tempted to try a roof hauling on moving day. If you do go this route, keep in mind some of these things to know, before you find yourself in a moving-day pickle! Know your insurance and liability before moving furniture on top of your car   Recently, a driver in the USA was ticketed for overloading the roof of his car with furniture.   In B.C., you’ll want to check with ICBC about non-collision damage and equipment damage or loss (see page 12 of this document). You’ll notice it’s hard to find information about coverage for items you’re strapping to your roof. Since we’re not lawyers or insurance agents, do your bit and call to find out the rules regarding what you’re going to transport on top of your car.   But you’re not just protecting your own car from damage. What if your furniture flies off the roof of your car on a freeway and hits someone else’s windshield? Don’t let dumb things like this happen. As Popular Mechanics says, “don’t be an idiot.” Know your weight allowances and potential damage to your vehicle   When you move items on top of your car, especially furniture, you can damage your car. Even the tie down process can affect the weather strip on your car doors, which can eventually lead to leaks. Your car also has weight allowances for what it can carry (see Popular Mechanics article linked to above)....

Vancouver hot tub movers explain hot tub moving tips

When you look online for Vancouver hot tub movers, or instructions on how to move a hot tub, you’ll get some confusing information. But if you look a little more, you’ll find out that moving a hot tub is no easy feat. This is why you may want to hire professional movers for this job. But if you want to do it yourself, or make sure your hot tub movers know what they’re doing, we’ll give you some tips in this article. Moving a hot tub is expensive The first thing you’ll want to really consider is whether or not it’s worth the payoff to move a hot tub in Vancouver. Sometimes, the cost of moving this large, over-sized luxury is about as much as it would cost to buy a new one. But, that doesn’t consider factors such as installation and delivery fees. And of course, if you invested in a pricey luxury spa for your backyard, moving it might be worth it, if you want to keep that investment. Keep in mind however that once you move your hot tub, it will need to be re-installed. So you’ll have delivery fees (which can cost hundreds), and then installation fees. Possibly even repair fees if things go awry during the move. If you read this guy’s story of finding a used hot tub, then transporting it himself (with friends), you’ll see that while yes, he saved money on the big picture. But he also had to do A LOT of work, pay a lot to move it, and already had the know-how in “physics, engineering, plumbing, hydrodynamics, electrical...

Tri Cities Movers on How to Move a Bed Frame

Since we’ve written about how to move a mattress, we thought we’d write about the next step: how to move a bed frame. Our Tri Cities moving company location has some handy tips when it comes to preparing your bed for transportation. Even if a moving company helps you with your bed frame move, you may want to have some things ready to prepare for their arrival. Have tools ready for disassembling your bed frame Depending on the type of bed you have, you’re probably going to need to have some tools ready to take it apart before moving it. For IKEA furniture, you can visit their store to get some assembly supplies, if you didn’t keep them with your purchase (like the allen key, or more dowels). A list of things you’ll need could include any of the following, if not more (depending on your case): Screw drivers (find the heads that match the screws you have on your bed) Allen key (if your bed was put together with one – such as with many IKEA products) Wrench that is the diameter of your bed frame nuts and bolts, if necessary WD-40 in case you need to loosen really tight screws Gloves with grip Moving blankets and plastic wrap Baggie (like a ziplock) for the screws and small parts, with a way to label it (or like some suggest, tape them to the boards) Dolly or moving straps (especially if you have a heavy bed) Rubber mallet (be careful with this, but if you need to separate surfaces of the bed frame joined by dowels – not glue...

Home improvement investments you can take with you when you move

If you’ve spent a lot of time on the home you live in, it’s likely you’ve spent money it. Whether it was for repairs, or simply to upgrade the home, we know there are costs to maintaining your dwelling. With big-ticket items, the home improvement investments are usually hard to take with you when you leave. You can only hope they will increase the value of your home when you sell. This goes for flooring, millwork or built-in kitchen cabinetry, and things of the like. But did you know there are home improvement investments you can take with you when you move? You may have to clear it with the realtor and new homeowners first. Sure, you might sound like a cheap-o, but to be honest, if you’ve done a lot of interior design upgrades to get your home to match your taste, you could save a lot of money, and trouble, by bringing them with you. Calculating their costs could bring your receipts into the thousands. So it may be worth asking! Here is a related article you’ll also want to check out: Tips from Coquitlam movers on how to detach and reuse wall items when moving Here are some ideas: Move door knobs, plus cabinet knobs and pulls with you If you have fancy door knobs in the kitchen or bathroom, or on bedroom and closet doors, these can be easily unscrewed to take with you. Sometimes, getting the ‘look’ you want for your home means going ‘all out’ to get the hardware that matches your decor. However, these are by far a ‘cheap’ purchase. They can...

Moving Cooking Appliances: How to Move an Oven Range

Before you move in Vancouver, you should consider is what larger items you will be taking with you, as this will affect your moving process. In particular, what cooking appliances will you want to take with you to your new home? Often times, cooking appliances can be sold with the house. But in certain circumstances you may want to bring them with you. For example, if your new home doesn’t have an oven or if you have just recently purchased one, it may be in your best interest to move yours with you. In this case, follow these 5 simple steps on how to move an oven along during your Vancouver move! Clean your oven thoroughly before the big move Before you begin your Vancouver move, make sure you clean your oven. This will make the unhooking and reinstalling process much more pleasant. If you have some oven cleaner on hand, definitely use that. Otherwise, you can use a half vinegar and half water mix, says wikiHow. And of course, don’t forget to clean your oven racks with lots of hot soapy water. Another tip is to clean the floor around the oven too. Popular Mechanics points out that “a dirty floor is a damaged floor.” Once you start moving your oven, dirt could easily get stuck underneath and scratch the floor. So make sure that both your oven and floor are sparkling clean! Unhook your oven properly Unhooking your electric stove while moving in Vancouver is usually fairly straightforward, as it simply entails removing any pieces attaching it to the wall and unplugging it, according to However,...
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