Vancouver Office Movers: 6 common steps overlooked on most office moves

6 common steps overlooked on most office moves in Vancouver. Did you empty your desk of all its contents? You wouldn’t know it, but most desks need to be stood on end to move around corners and into elevators. Be sure to pack all of your drawers to avoid spillage. Don’t forget the supply cabinets Office supply cabinets have a way of becoming junk stations in some offices. Things go in there that nobody knows what to do with. Old keyboards, mouse pads and even calendars that nobody wanted from Christmas 4 years ago. Purge and pack the supply cabinet. Is the equipment in your office disconnected?      Wires, cords, cables and twist ties. Make sure all of your cords are completely labeled and kept with the original computers. Some offices dump all of the cords into a single bin. This is a huge mess and a big mistake. Instead, hiring an I.T. company to relocate your computers and servers is a better idea. Also this could be a good time to consider upgrading. Your old computers can be formatted and donated to worthy charities. Have you backed up computer data? Lost data is no way to start off in your new corner office. Be sure to back up and even back up your backups. Seriously, you will be the hero in your office for a smooth move. We don’t need to stretch your imagination too far on what co-workers will say if there is data loss. Are the “Do Not Move” tags placed? Leaving the fridge behind? Perhaps you’re getting all new office chairs as a bonus for...

Surrey Office Movers

If your company is moving in Surrey, there is a lot to consider before you move. When you have employees, you need minimal downtime. This means you need to be assured that your surrey office moving company has a plan of action to accomplish all of your moving goals. Before contacting office movers in your area, consider the following: What’s your moving cost: It is vital that you budget for what you need done. In most cases you will be offered estimates for your office move. Did you know that most moving companies will give you a flat quote? The secret is you have to ask. Without a flat quote, you just will not know the moving costs until the completion of your move. This can cause major shock and conflict with your moving company. If you get moving quotes in writing to begin with, you can avoid this and focus on the quality of your move. Hiring professionals: Although you can ask your staff to pack and move, a professional moving service is more appropriate. Your staff are not movers and if they get injured, they could be off work for a long time. Why not have your staff working instead of moving. With your assigned move manager at Ferguson Moving & Storage, one of our major goals is to keep your office moving and productive for as long as possible. In most cases, we can move on weekends and in evenings. This way your staff can leave for home on Friday at 5pm and return to work at 8am Monday with little to no interruption. If you...

photocopier delivery company vancouver

Ferguson Moving and Storage moves and delivers: Photo Copiers Delivery Collection and Delivery Nationwide Modern Vehicles with Tail-lifts Stair-Walkers and Crawlers Trained Operatives Decommission & Recommission Green Button Installation Nationwide Coverage Full Insurance Secure Storage Facilities Photocopier Disposal Folding machines copy-printers scanners office machines file cabinets If you are looking for a moving company to move and deliver photocopiers or other sophisticated office machines, please consider allowing Ferguson Moving and Storage to provide quotations for your service needs. Ferguson Moving and Storage currently provides delivery and installations services for the leaders in business machine technology. Ferguson Moving and Storage specializes in the delivery and installation of copiers, mailing equipment, sorters and many other kinds of office equipment. Please get hard adderall contact our commercial sales rep Ken Mercer for further details 604-922-2212. Also you may email ken. Our specialized team of drivers/installers are completely trained, uniformed, clean cut and provide top customer service to your clientele. If you have any items that we have not been trained on, we will learn quickly and we can work efficiently as your logistics partners. Founded in 1916 in Vancouver, Ferguson’s also has the ability to be a complete warehousing and distribution provider for your company. Ferguson Moving and Storage is a fully licensed and insured moving company that has been serving Vancouver since...

Office moving tips

Tips to plan an Office move When you need movers for your office move, there’s a lot to check out to make sure you’ve made the right choice. Options include some of the following. Experience, references, insurance, availability, price, efficiency and professionalism. If you’re the luck person that was picked to hire the office movers for your company, we suggest you arrange for an in office estimate. With Ferguson moving, these are complimentry and we will arrange a time that is convenient with your schedule. Call Ferguson moving and storage today to get your office move started....

Furniture Movers

Furniture Movers for you Ferguson Moving & Storage staff know how to move furniture. In fact, we’re expert professional movers. At Ferguson’s we know we’re only as good as our last move. That’s why we’re very picky on who we chose to help represent our company. At Ferguson Moving & Storage, our movers are not only hired based on their professionalism, they’re hired based on how well they can learn and earn the respect of our clients. One of the fundamental ways to achieve this is to handle the possessions properly.  Most movers simply carry your furniture to the truck and then drape a pad over it. The issue is that the furniture was carried through narrow hallways and doorways with zero protection. By the time the furniture arrives to the truck the damages have already happened. We choose to offer the best protection in the industry. We bring all of our furniture pads into the home. We wrap each item in the house before it moves an inch. There is no better protection in the industry. At Ferguson Moving & Storage, we train professional movers and we guarantee...

Office Relocation: The Importance of Communication

Tips for an Office Move One of the most important things to remember when moving an office is that communication is absolutely essential to a successful move. You need to keep everyone involved with or affected by the move up to date. Remember: You are not the only one who needs to be prepared; they need to be prepared as well. Here’s a list of who you should definitely keep in the loop—although your actual list may be even longer. The movers: This one is the most obvious. Communication with your movers is very important. This entails labelling, and lots of it. Consider using coloured labels to help organize items by which room they should be left in, etc. Make sure that your labels are written very legibly and placed in a very visible spot. You want this process to be as easy as possible for the movers; this will ensure the move happens quickly and that things are moved and placed properly. Your employees: Make sure your employees know when the move is happening well in advance. This will help them prepare. Also try to talk to them one on one to find out how they are coping with the move. Some may, for example, have problems with their new commute if it ends up being significantly longer. Also, if they’re helping with any of the packing, tell them how things should be packed. And lastly, remind them to pack up their personal belongings, which should probably be moved privately by them as well. The project coordinator/moving consultant: Generally speaking, it is a good idea to have a...
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