How to Pack and Load a Moving Truck

How to Pack and Load a Moving Truck: Wisdom From a Vancouver Moving Company    Moving can be a stressful time, especially with Vancouver moving, and often we chose to do it the fastest way possible, without thinking how our ‘fast route’ will affect us once we arrive at our final destination.  For anyone who has moved, experience always tells us to promise ourselves to do it better next time. For first time movers, however, learning by mistake is not necessary.  Take these words of wisdom when loading the moving truck or make sure that the movers you hire offer these services, which will set them apart in terms of quality of moving companies.   1. A moving truck needs balance.  Make sure that when you place items in, you’re not just throwing in whatever’s in front of you first.  Think strategically about how you can load heavy items such as your dishwasher, dryer, stove, and so on in without creating a lopsided look on the mover’s truck, which can also be dangerous on some routes. 2. Making room for the larger things in life means you’ll be able to fit in the little things.  The same is true of loading a moving a truck.  Whether your crew is hired or not, make life easy for the movers by organizing your stuff heavy and big to light and small.  When the larger items are in first, you’ll also be able to find nooks and crannies where small items can go, like a perfect puzzle piece. 3. Drawers are useful, so keep them fully packed and in tact, however, make sure you take them...

How To Go-Green When Packing To Move

Green Moving Tips: Let’s Go Green When Packing To Move Vancouver!   How often do we consider the planet when we think about packing up to move our Vancouver households?  As community citizens concerned about our environment and a healthy future for our children, it’s no wonder we’re turning to eco sustainable lifestyles wherever possible.  From recycling paper to buying the latest in ‘green’ fads, we as consumers are showing that although we’re not about to start an environmental protest, we do care about the planet and pharmacy without prescription our health. Surprisingly, moving can be a big resource waster.  Think about it.  Using cardboard boxes (even if you got them from the grocery store, it’s still paper that’s going to be broken down and sent to another energy-consuming recycling facility).  Using wrapping paper.  Using plastic bubble wrap.  Using petroleum to drive truckloads of our stuff across town. A little creativity is all it takes to have a green move! Use Frogboxes:  If you are in the Greater Toronto or Vancouver areas, or even in Seattle Washington, you’re in luck.  Frogbox is a service that will drop off reusable, perfectly stackable, sturdy boxes to your home on loan until you are done with your move, then take them back to be reused.  They don’t require tape, and save a lot of time, which means less cost on the hourly charge of hiring Vancouver movers . Use your suitcases:  We reuse them for traveling all the time, why not use them for moving?  These are great places to store clothing and softer items.  Ask to borrow from friends instead of using up more...

Moving Tips: Radio Interview with Vancouver Movers

Listen to our radio interview on “The New Home Real Estate Show” for great tips and insights on moving. Listen to moving tips from Lorne MacInnes Owner of Ferguson Moving & Storage Company, speaking on: How to book a mover and get a free estimate upfront (we give free binding estimates) Social Media for movers reviews (like where we have a 9.8 out of 10 review) How a “free box” can cost you more money than proper moving boxes When to use a professional mover and when to use your friends to move “Moving Checklists“ Click here to listen to Lorne MacInnes from Ferguson Moving on Alan Krueger’s talk show: “The New Home Real Estate...

Overnight Moving Services: Top 6 Questions Renters Need To Ask Moving Companies Before Moving

Top 6 Questions Renters Need To Ask Moving Companies Before Moving – Overnight Moving Services for Vancouver Renters Most renters believe they can simply move out and move into their new space on the same day. Sounds logical right? Well, let’s examine what actually happens: Let’s say you plan to move from Richmond or Surrey into your new apartment in Vancouver all on the 1st of the month. Now, if you were to move out after giving 30 days notice, you would have to be out no later than midnight on the last day of the month. This is because the new renter is moving in on the 1st of the month. So, when you go to move, you may be surprised to find out you will need to move out on the last day of the month but cannot move in until the 1st day of the month — the next day. This means you may need overnight moving services, beyond just booking a hotel or stay at a relatives or friends for the night. If you find generic adderall bad yourself in this position, as many movers in the Vancouver Area do, make sure you are dealing with movers that can handle overnight storage. Here are six key questions to ask moving companies in Vancouver if you need overnight services: Do you offer overnight storage? Will the furniture and boxes stay loaded on the truck? Do you charge extra for overnight storage? Will the moving truck be parked inside or outside? What type of security will you offer? Will the same movers be available on both days? At Ferguson Moving & Storage, we typically come in as...

House Moving Packing Tips: Color Coding Your Moving Boxes

Whenever you are moving, make sure you use proper moving boxes. Free boxes from the supermarket may seem like a good idea, but they’re not. As those boxes have already been used and it comes in various sizes. Also, they will not be flat so it’s a real challenge to load them into your car. There are a lot of tapes that come in various colours. You can get green, teal, green, purple, yellow and more. When you tape up the box, you automatically have labelled what room you want the moving box to be placed in. This can save a lot of time versus having to write the room onto the moving boxes’ top, sides and ends.   Example of labels Yellow = kitchen Green = master bedroom Red = Living Room Black = Garage Purple = Storage Locker Remember, even though you have the boxes labeled for which room you want them moved to, you will still need to write the contents on them. Otherwise your kitchen will have 20 yellow boxes but you won’t know which one has the cutlery in it. Moving can be a real hassle. To minimize your stress even by a small percentage, colour coding your boxes will make you feel more organized than any previous move has. Contact us at Ferguson Moving & Storage and we can provide you with great service in moving along with moving and packing tips that you’ll sure make great use of....

DEC 1st, 2013: Participate in MOVE FOR HUNGER.

On December 1, 2013 Ferguson Moving & Storage Company in Vancouver will give moving clients a move for hunger box when they pack their kitchen. Any unwanted non perishable food can be put in the box. Our movers will collect the boxes and we will donate them to the food bank. Fact: Nearly 100,000 people get assistance from food banks each month in British Columbia. Thirty- two percent of those served are children. With times getting tighter these numbers are dramatically increasing. Thousands in our community need your help. As you are aware, many people throw out a good deal of “stuff” when they move. Unfortunately a lot of this “stuff” is food that can be delivered to a family in need. That’s why Ferguson Moving & Storage has teamed up with Move For Hunger to support the Harvest Project. Please set aside any unwanted, non-perishable food items before your move and Ferguson Moving & Storage will deliver the food to the Harvest Project. Move For Hunger is a non-profit organization that works with the relocation industry to support the efforts of local food banks. Your donations will directly impact families living right here in the Vancouver area. Ferguson Moving & is grateful for your business and truly thankful for your generosity.   Sincerely, Lorne MacInnes President  ...
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