Tips on painting before moving in Vancouver (Part 2)

PART 2: Tips on Painting Before Moving in Vancouver Last week, we covered three helpful tips on painting before moving. In this article, we will cover three more tips. We hope these six tips will decrease the stress levels with moving and preparing your new home in Vancouver. Tip 4: go green for your health and for the environment Vancouver is all about living in a healthy and environmentally-friendly way. This can be incorporated into your move in Vancouver with how you pick your paint. If you look carefully, some paint cans will advertise how their paint has low, or no VOCs. VOC, or volatile organic compounds, are solvents that get released into their air as paint dries. VOCs are in other substances such as glues, cleaning supplies, and even air fresheners. VOCs can cause acute symptoms, such as dizziness, headaches, and respiratory irritation. Long term exposure, especially with young children or infants are linked to neurological damage and cancer, among many other risks. Having a low VOC or no VOC type paint will not only eliminate harmful chemicals being released into the air, it will also eliminate the odor of a freshly painted room. While it is good to read all the labels, something to keep in mind is that VOCs can be added to the paint after it is delivered to the retail store. Often, after adding various colourants in the paint, VOC levels will increase significantly. Here is a helpful list of zero or low VOC paints that are within Canada’s safety regulations after tinting. Tip 5: Buy paint that will do the work for you There are actually...

How to Avoid Moving Mold to Your New Home

Moving in Vancouver? Here are some Tips to Avoid Bringing Mould with You to Your New Home! Moulds are fungi that can occur both indoors and outdoors. Most moulds are spread by spores, which are carried in the air. These spores can survive harsh conditions and will begin growing in a particular surface only when the environment is favourable to them. If you find them in your house, they’re bad news. Moulds are linked to many health problems, such as respiratory issues, skin and eye irritation, or headaches. Many movers in BC can attest to the fact that mould is a big issue in many homes. The climate in BC is naturally damp, so moisture is always present. Moulds are Able to Thrive and Grow as Long as they are Given Moisture, Food, and Time When a house is wet, from a pipe leakage, or constant moisture (such as a bathroom without ventilation that is used frequently for showers), we know that mould can be present. This is the first key component in the growth of mould, and it is not always obvious. Secondly, mould spores need nutrients. Most mould feed off of cellulose. Conveniently for them and inconveniently for us, many building materials such as wood, parts of drywall, fabrics, and many others are cellulose-based. Third, since most spores are small, by the time we notice mould in our homes, they have already begun growing. The best way to deal with mould is clearly to prevent it. If you are moving it is pertinent to not bring the spores with you – they spread very easily. Before moving out of your old house, you need...

Vancouver Moving Tips: Packing Clothes for Moving in BC

Tips for packing clothes when moving in Vancouver Get rid of clothes you don’t need, before you move Moving is a great opportunity to rid your closet of those shirts you keep around because you might wear them someday, but never do. Not only does moving create the opportunity for a fresh new start, but it also helps you get that fresh new start when you realize you definitely don’t want to pack your moving truck with things you don’t even need or use. Ferguson Moving and Storage has a name as honest and reputable movers in Vancouver and we’re among the first to recommend you rid of things before you move – so that you don’t waste space (and thus, money) in the moving truck and can have a fresh start with a cleaned out closet right when you move in to your new home. So, how do you best get rid of the wardrobe items you don’t need? Donate to Vancouver BC charities Don’t throw wardrobe items in the garbage! This can be a great opportunity to give back to your community by donating the clothes that won’t follow you to your new home. It can be really easy too; there are lots of companies that will pick up your old clothes right from your front door, so you don’t have to take any time away from packing day to get them to a charity store! The Developmental Disabilities Association of British Columbia (1-800-654-1331) or Big Brothers Big Sisters of Vancouver (604-526-2447) will pick up your clothing donation for free if you call to schedule a time. Feeling bad about throwing away so...

Helping the Community When Moving in Greater Vancouver

Options for Helping the Community When Moving in Greater Vancouver There are a few things you need to do when moving in Vancouver: find a good Vancouver moving company, pack up all your belongings, and figure out what to do with the things you don’t want to take with you. Out With The Old, In With The New It might be easiest to just leave your old couch on the side of the road or bring it to the dump, but one thing you may want to consider is donating it to a local charity.The Greater Vancouver area has many great charities that help families in need by providing them with essential household items. Here are 3 charities in different parts of Greater Vancouver that you may be interested in helping with your old goods: Moving near Burnaby? Check out “Helping Families in Need” Helping Families in Need: This charity is dedicated to providing household items to women from transition houses, single moms on income assistance, new immigrant families and needy families all over the Lower Mainland. If you are moving in Burnaby and want to donate, Helping Families in Need volunteers will come to pick up your furniture for a $35 fee to cover transportation costs, or you can drop it off yourself as long as you make an appointment. For pieces of furniture that are not basic items, or are antiques, they host garage sales, raising money to cover their monthly expenses. Moving near Vancouver? Check out “Aunt Leah’s” Aunt Leah’s is a charity that supports children in foster care and single mothers in need. Foster care only supports...

Hire Professional Cleaners!

When you are getting ready to leave the house you called home for so long, there’s a good chance you will want the new owner to enjoy what you left behind. Almost a feeling of moving into a 5 star hotel (minus the furniture of course!) Many times customers will attempt to clean their own home. Oh, and they will pack their own boxes. And don’t forget they are moving fragile items over themselves too. Oh and they also are going to host a big moving out party with 15 close friends… By the time these things come to pass it’s normally too late to find help. Things that sound achievable in theory often crumble with all of the curve balls selling a house can throw at you. Such as the subject to inspection discovering the gutters are clogged and the attic is short on insulation. Let Professional Cleaners help take the moving strains and stress off you.   Professional Cleaners will leave your house smelling fresh and clean for the new residents, ultimately leaving you with more time and energy to unpack and settle in your new home. If you still want to clean yourself after the movers are gone, we have made a handy moving cleaning checklist you can print off. Or you can get Professional Cleaners to clean your home or just a few rooms and you can use this checklist GENERAL / FOR ALL ROOMS CHECK & INITIAL Air conditioner / filters and air vents Carpets – vacuum and remove small stains Ceiling fans – wipe down and dust up top. Cobwebs – remove and wipe down...
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