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Richmond movers list important numbers and sites

Richmond movers list important phone numbers and websites to keep handy after you move to Richmond We’ve formerly written about 5 reasons to move to Richmond, B.C. And, as Richmond Movers, we love helping our clients with all things related to moving. On this blog post, we’re going to list some important phone numbers and websites to keep handy when you move to Richmond. Before we get started, keep in mind that the city of Richmond BC publishes a ‘Newcomer’s Guide’ that you may want to take a look at: http://www.richmond.ca/discover/about/newcomersguide.htm?PageMode=HTML Public Transportation info for the City of Richmond, B.C. Translink and the Coast Mountain Bus Company are what runs the public transportation in Richmond, B.C. The following page of the city’s website describes what you need to know about available routes, phone numbers or websites related to public transport in Richmond. http://www.richmond.ca/discover/services/bus.htm This is a PDF showing the Richmond and South Delta bus routes: http://infomaps.translink.ca/System_Maps/123/RDT-Jun%202016.pdf This is a page offering PDF downloads for the bus routes of other areas in the Lower Mainland, should you need to travel out of Richmond: http://www.translink.ca/en/Schedules-and-Maps/Transit-System-Maps.aspx Taxi cab companies in Richmond For private transportation options, here are a few options for taxi services in Richmond: Richmond Taxi Ltd: (604) 272-1111 Garden City Cabs: (604) 233-1111 Kimber Cabs: (604) 238-8888 Garbage and recycling pick up information – useful for after you move to Richmond! Right after you move to Richmond, you’re probably going to start wondering when garbage and recycling days are! And you’ll need that service if you’re purging while unpacking too. This page of the City’s website shows a visual map of garbage...


Why Pay to Have Useless Things Moved? We all know that there are tons of things in everybody’s homes that they haven’t used in years. If you aren’t planning to use them anymore, why pay to have them moved? And why bother storing them in your new home if you don’t need them anymore? We recommend that you go through your belongings before your scheduled move date and decide which items you need and which ones you don’t. Separate them and try to get rid of the items you don’t need or use anymore. Donate them to charity or hold a garage sale if you have to. This will save you time and money on moving day and will even prevent other things from getting lost among them.   Contact Ferguson Moving in Vancouver BC If you are thinking of moving in Vancouver BC, make sure you find a Vancouver moving company that you can trust. Here at Ferguson Moving we are seasoned professional movers ready to help you make your move the best experience possible. Call us at 604-922-2212 to start planning your move the right way, today!          Share This...